The Recreational Powerboating Association (RPBA) was formed in 2009 in a direct response to the need for a national boater education program that emphasizes a practical, hands on approach. The RPBA’s mission is to be the leader in delivering the highest quality practical boater education in the United States, emphasizing safety, knowledge and practice as the confidence-building cornerstones to promote the powerboating lifestyle.

The Association’s unique approach utilizes not only the Industry’s foremost experts in theory and classroom education, but also those with years of experience in developing and teaching the critical but often ignored on-the-water component.

RPBA courses offer both depth and breadth. The Association’s foundation course, “Close Quarters Powerboat Handling,” offered as three separate classes based on different powerboat types, assures that students receive the practical training specific for the craft they intend to operate—not practice on a boat likely to be vastly different than the one they will be handling. Before the RPBA’s formation, such in-depth, craft-specific training was not available. In addition to its thorough array of boat handling courses, the RPBA offers classes in boating safety, coastal navigation, radar use and weather interpretation & forecasting.

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